Money for Games

1.How well are some young people doing by playing games? Very well they are making more than the average AUstralian worker
2.Where do they make their money? Youtube, Twitch Tv and sponsors
3.What impact has their success had? They can work from home
4.How many viewers has Elliott Watkins had on youtube? 9 million views per month
5.How do you make money on youtube and how much can you make? By getting views
6.What do video game players tend to also be? Video game watchers
7.What is the average age of video gamesters? 33
8.What prize money is being offered for the battle of Data 2? 22 million
9.What is Live streaming video platform
10.How do you make money with Tips
11.What games does Sarah play to make money? Call of duty
12.How much money does she make? as much as a full time job


1.When did you first start playing computer games? Whe i was about 10
2.What were your first games? Xbox games
3.What are your favourite games now? Why? NBA 2k because it is exciting
4.How have games that you play changed over time? Why? more than 50 because i enjoy them
5.What hardware do you have at home to play games? Computer, Xbox, Wii
6.What is your favorite device for playing games? Wii