Growing Yeast In Science


Today in science we are growing yeast. We have  put 1/2 a teaspoon of bakers yeast and a 1/4 of a cup sugar in a air tight bottle with a balloon over the top. We had 3 bottles what were the same size and shape. We poured warm water that was 37 degrees (the same temperature as your blood) in 1 bottle. The cold water in another bottle what was around 14 degrees, and the hot water that was over 50 degrees in the last bottle. My predictions that yeast will be more active in the warm water because the hot water will be to hot for the yeast to grow, and the warm water will be nice and humid.

Platypus- Elluminate Session

I liked being involved in the platypus Elluminate session. I learned about a lot of things to help the survival of the Platypus. Like cutting your rubber bands and hair ties in half so if the hair ties and the rubber bands get in the water they wont choke the platypuses. I learnt a lot about Elluminate like don’t butt in when others are talking, and don’t type messages to your friends. I really like Elluminate I hope we can use it more in the future.


Micro-Organisms are tiny bacteria that you can’t see with a naked eye, and you can only see them when they make a yeast colony. Every single human have bacteria in your body that helps brake down all your food. Bacteria can live any were in the artic or a dry desert. There are drugs that can stop bad bacteria like when you get cut by something old and rusty. This drug is called PENACILIN. Penicillin was discovered in a bacteria called penicillium it was discovered by Two men called Dr Florey and Dr Chain. When they discovered penicillin it was in the time of the great depression and they didn’t have much money to fund the scientific experiment into penicillin, so they took there research over to America were they found a very sick police man. They gave him some but they couldn’t produce it quick enough so he died then they thought that they should use it on some people who don’t need as much so they used it on children then when they could mass produce it they took it back to Australia.